At PNCG we combine our robust technical, market, and business development skills to deliver objective advice and guidance that helps our clients grow their businesses, improve performance, and gain competitive advantages through a proven, formalized process. While our teams are poised to support a wide variety of industries, we specialize in high growth mid-market companies, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity businesses.

For these clients, we can aggressively support the pursuit of rapid post-acquisition returns by developing strategic technology focused blueprints for acquired companies, leading systems migration, managing applications integration, and developing custom business applications which empower strategic priorities and focused cost-savings initiatives. During the ownership phase, we help increase the value of portfolio companies by supporting revenue enhancement, cost-reduction initiatives, and refreshing value-creation plans through strategic applications development, integration, and intranet migration.

We begin our engagements with an in-depth and formalized discovery phase. Unlike similar firms with a loose and non-specific discovery phase, we perform a deep, thorough and formalized discovery process.
Following a discovery phase which clearly and specifically defines the areas in which improvement is needed, we develop detailed plans for accomplishing our established tasks.
Once a plan has been approved and selected, we create a personnel-to-task matrix, road map and checklist. We provide your executives and management with the specifics and tools they need to execute the plan properly, on time and within budget.
Our experienced and dedicated project management specialists will integrate directly with your organization to ensure the proper execution of your approved plan.  If you prefer to keep your own staff, we will provide insight and guidance as your team deems necessary.
Following the execution phase, we assess the affects and operational impacts of the plan’s implementation. We provide a comprehensive report that details the outcome and present it to all key personnel. This report will provide tangible impact assessment on the points of interest defined in the discovery phase. In continuous engagement, we smoothly transition back into the discovery phase.