An US government services company that operated in many industries identified a gap in business process that prevented their teams from remotely sharing sensitive and confidential documents between the team and their clients without violating security policies and procedures. The usability of end-user systems (Google Drive, DropBox, etc.) were far more convenient for teams which prevented them from consistently using any standard enterprise technologies the company had already licensed.  The requirement was identified to build a custom application that matched convenience features of these end-user systems, while maintaining a proprietary security compliance. After an in-depth engagement with the global infrastructure and security management, a technical specification for a secure cloud application was created and application developed.  The Secure Cloud application was integrated into both Active Directory (for Company intranet users) and a file server system known as CrushFTP and served files securely while existing solely on the company infrastructure.  The creation of this application allowed Company users to securely and conveniently share sensitive files amongst their colleagues and clients.  The application also provided a new level of security compliance for sensitive and confidential material transfer.