An international E-Commerce company was unable to grow its inventory presence past 2,500 due to technical limitations of the Magento e-commerce platform on which it was built.  After an in-depth engagement to clearly define future business goals and direction, a need for a completely proprietary enterprise cloud e-commerce system was identified.  Substantial market and buyer behavior research was conducted in order to create a user experience (UX) that increased the conversion of viewers into buying customers.  Keeping the optimal UX as the target, systems were implemented for payroll, inventory management and fund allocation to allow the current business team to effectively and efficiently scale the inventory and throughput of the company without the requirement to staff additional resources. Within 9 months, the proprietary cloud e-commerce solution was delivered to market.  Following delivery, the inventory was grown to 17,000 listings in 50 countries while maintaining a customer service staff of two persons and a development support staff of one.